Baby Steps

Baby Steps, one at a time …


About 10 years ago, I started my health journey, when someone I worked with brought in her version of lunch. She was health minded and I was intrigued. She had purchased lunch from a healthy grocery store and then proceeded to split it in half (or thirds!) and then she always brought a homemade salad to go with her lunch. She made her own dressing. Her snacks consisted of nuts, seeds and red dried berries (I later figured out those red berries were dried Gogi berries!). A vegetable and fruit smoothie was her breakfast.

You can’t even imagine how the exposure to her totally different way of eating, rocked my world! I think I asked 1,456,678 questions and most of them started with “why”!

She happened to mention one day that her “clean eating lifestyle” … blah blah blah! As a very Type A person, that I am … I only heard just a snip-it, and I’m off! I had to know everything about this lifestyle. I bought every book and magazine I could about clean eating. I stayed up late, and read, threw out really bad stuff from my pantry and some things I changed over time (some I’m still changing, remember this is about Baby Steps!) … My journey had started!

I often share that if you make just one Baby Step each week (that you can maintain!), in 52 weeks your life will look very different!

Today, as I work on balancing my life and growing in all areas, my mind always starts the week with … What is my Baby Step for the week?


Take the Journey with Me!